Grennan Mill 2016

An exhibition of small works, mostly on cotton rag paper, in Grennan Mill for their annual Arts Festival exhibition.


“These artworks are part of a continuation of my explorations of composition and linear
abstractions of landscape. I am interested in taking elements of landscape studies and reducing
down to simple shapes, whilst keeping a level of atmosphere and mood of the original study.
I work in animation and am always struggling with keeping traditional media approaches to an
ultimately digital end-product. This ties in perfectly with my painting which is predominantly
as organic as possible – probably as a reaction against the constraints of animation. Inspired by
the Grennan Mill craft school I have included some elements of stitching and stamp printing in
some artworks and used handmade fibre papers for texture and the random chaotic nature of
it’s interaction with paint and thinners. The creative process involved was spontaneous and
very intuitive – In my work I tend to let the environment set the mood of my painting. I react to
the place, the atmosphere, the mood and create from that.”