…pause, compose…

An exhibition of paintings and prints in the Design Centre, Kilkenny in 2007.

‘These paintings are a representation of the inspiration phase of the creative process. Every artist experiences the blank pause before the art begins; the lapse of time where inspiration is sought, where the piece is imagined, where emotions and feelings are explored and refined, where the thought is isolated and turned to material form. Some artists experience the ‘writers block’. Some seem unstoppable in their artistic production, but all will have the pregnant pause just before creation begins. Whether music, dance, poetry, arts or crafts, all artists have the flash of inspiration or the long, difficult formation of the idea. The public see the finished piece, performance or work – the end result; but before this comes the motivation, the inspiration, the inclination. In these paintings, a selection of artists are shown in this phase. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes pained, all are lost in thought, listening to the muse…’

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